As a science, psychology is concerned with the study of behaviour and its underlying mental and neural processes. The Graduate Certificate in Child Development will provide students with knowledge of psychological principles and skills to apply an evidence-based approach to their work with children, improving outcomes for children with diverse needs in their care.  

The Graduate Certificate in Child Development is a unique offering in Australia, delivered entirely online. Learning from academics and researchers in the fields of developmental, behavioural, and cognitive psychology, students will gain an understanding of:

  • The distinction between normal and abnormal child development
  • Age-appropriate capabilities and performance expectations
  • The foundations and neurobiological underpinnings of learning and cognition and how these principles promote good behaviour and decision-making
  • Factors that influence long-term memory consolidation and enhance attention
  • Development, management and treatment of common childhood disorders
  • Factors that promote well-being and resilience. 
  • The scientific method and how to critically engage with scientific research – more broadly, and particularly that pertaining to child psychology

Who is this program for?

The UNSW Graduate Certificate in Child Development gives professionals from non-Psychology backgrounds specialised skills to apply psychological principles to their work with children. If you work in education, nursing, juvenile justice, social work, medicine, allied health, or any other field involved with young people, this program will give you a highly-valued suite of psychological skills.

It is suitable for students who would prefer to study in a flexible format, balancing study with work and other commitments.

This program offers an introduction to the study of psychology that may lay the groundwork for further higher education in the psychological sciences (e.g. Graduate Diploma of Psychology).

Essential information

Commonwealth Supported Places are NOT available for this program.

This program is available for international students, but does NOT support international student visas.

International students will need to study this program online from their home country and are responsible for ensuring that they have stable internet connection and have no restriction in accessing the online learning materials and resources.

The Graduate Certificate in Child Development program (7419) will be delivered using the UNSW Online Academic Hexamester Calendar to allow for a more flexible program structure. The program’s key dates and some policies may be different to those applicable to students enrolled in standard UNSW programs using the standard academic calendar.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Child Development should refer to the information on this website, the 7419 Guide Book, and the https://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/.

Please contact gcchilddev@unsw.edu.au for information about this program.