Careers in Psychology

Psychologists work in a range of organisations within both the public and private sector. These include clinical and health settings such as clinics and hospitals, a diverse collection of commercial and non-profit organisations, and forensic settings such as prisons and law courts. Employers range from the army to schools, from the Roads and Traffic Authority to the Department of Health.

For those wishing to use a degree in Psychology as a general training for future employment, the skills acquired during training in Psychology are extremely valuable to a wide variety of careers. Psychologists assist in improving people’s functioning through the application of a wide set of skills and knowledge, in conjunction with scientifically established findings. Psychologists conduct assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of problems at an individual, group, organisational and community level.

Psychologists are employed in advertising, community development and relations, copyrighting, counselling, developmental care, public, community and occupational health, management consultancy, human resources, recruitment, training and development, industrial relations, market research, journalism, marketing, business and retail management, welfare and youth work, statistical and data analysis, and many other areas.

For those wishing to practice as a professional psychologist, typical areas of work include:

Clinical Psychology
prevention, diagnosis and treatment of serious psychological problems. To practice as clinicians, Psychologists must have completed an accredited Clinical Masters degree.

Organisational Psychology
work in public, commercial and industrial settings. Tasks may include job analysis, selection, career planning, training, ergonomic and task design, and organisational development.

Forensic Psychology
work in settings associated with the legal system such as police, courts, prisons, guardianship and child protection.

Clinical Neuropsychology
a specialisation of clinical psychology involving diagnosis and rehabilitation of people affected by brain damage.

Counselling Psychology
helping adults, children and families to explore and resolve problems in everyday living.

Educational Psychology
helping teachers, parents and students to maximise their learning in educational environments.

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